18 June 2020

Overview of Azure Data Platform Best Practices

I created a 25+ pages document to help you speed up the implementation of the Modern Data Platform in Azure. Either you are a single team or an enterprise, you want to ensure your environment is secure, cost-effective and maintainable.

I am planning to host a webinar where I will go through most important points and answer your questions if any

22 January 2020

Data Engineering Patterns and Principles

There are patterns for things such as domain-driven design, enterprise architectures, continuous delivery, microservices, and many others.

But where are the data science and data engineering patterns?

Sometimes, data engineering reminds me of cowboy coding - many workarounds, immature technologies and lack of market best practices.

Let's investigate either we can standardize some decisions by applying patterns.

23 December 2019

Pondering Distributed Data Lakes Idea

My thoughts about distributed data lakes, or in other words, data mesh architecture.

I analyze Data Mesh article, data driven design, product and platform thinking. 

8 December 2019

Introduction to Azure Data Platform

In the video, I present a few learning materials for Azure data professionals:

Hands-on exercises, created by Fabio Braga, where everyone can experiment with Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Synapse Analytics, Cognitive Services and so on.

An extensive slide deck (229 slides), created by James Serra, on how Azure Synapse Analytics fits into the whole Azure Data Platform ecosystem

All Azure data professionals should check out "Cloud Analytics with Microsoft Azure". A very up-to-date book written by Has AlTaiar, Jack Lee and Michael John Peña

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    About the speaker

    Valdas Maksimavičius

    I am a software architect specializing in data analytics and cloud computing with ten years of experience. I have been using Azure Cloud components since 2014.

    For the last five years, I have been leading Data Engineering teams using the latest Azure Data and AI services. I worked on Data Lake and Data Science platform implementations for various sectors in the Nordics.

    I enjoy sharing my lessons learned at conferences and meetups. I am a founder of Vilnius Microsoft Data Platform Meetup and a frequent speaker at IT conferences.